Mission Relocations Created from EVANS and Apple Real Estate/Expat Relocation Separation
Moscow, Russian Federation, Release:
24th January 2019
Nearly two years after the merger of EVANS LLC and Apple Real Estate LLC/Expat Relocations LLC, it wasdecided to diverge the companies to allow them to focus on their respective key strengths within the real estate and relocation industries. As a result of this separation, Mission Relocations has been created and will henceforth operate within the Apple Real Estate/Expat Relocations Group.

Apple Real Estate LLC has been operating in Russia since 2008 and currently holds the
number-one rental-market position in Moscow. Expat Relocations LLC has been successfully operating in Russia for seven years.

Former Evans LLC and Current Apple Real Estate/Expat Relocations CEO and Shareholder Daniel Savchenko, along with Group Relocations Director, Sherman Pereira, and the team of Evans Relocations will comprise the core team of Mission Relocations.

Group Relocations Director, Sherman Pereira, relayed in an official company announcement that the new structuring was only one of many long-planned goals and strategic initiatives to increase the company's domestic and international geographic reach and scope of services.

CEO, Daniel Savchenko, indicated that the creation of Mission Relocations represents the company's purpose and commitment to its customers and partners that's strengthened by the knowledge and combined experience of the EVANS Relocations team. Re-establishing as Mission Relocations allows the team to revitalize their corporate image by moving away from the EVANS brand name which was identified as a real estate company.

Interested parties can learn more about the Mission Relocations by contacting the following:

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